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Shiny New Commercial Demo

J. Michael Collins is a talented and hugely successful voice actor – but he’s also an outstanding coach and demo producer.   I first participated in a workshop of his this past June in Vegas and I was struck by how well the practice copy was written.  Humor can be a tricky thing to write and he does it really well.  So when I wanted to update my commercial demo, I reached out to him.  At the session, we did both a commercial demo and a political demo, since I’ve been doing some of that work lately.  I’m really happy with how both of them turned out.  Have a listen, if you’re so inclined. (You can also hear them on the player on the main page of my site.)  Thanks, J. Michael!

      Commercial Demo - Jodi Krangle - voiceoversandvocals.com
      Political Demo - Jodi Krangle - voiceoversandvocals.com

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