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Here are some resources for singers that I've found useful... Ok. I'll be honest and say that some of these resources are ones I've compiled myself on other sites. That said, they're still useful. :-) Reference Guide for Singers on The Muse's Muse - This is a compilation of the resources for singers that can be found on More

These resources will help enable you to get your website on the map, and climb in the ranks of online searches. Search Engine Optimization Tips for Voice Actors How to get the Search Engines to give your site Top Billing! (PDF) If you care to share any other SEO information with your fellow voice talent More

Note: This is a reworking of a previous article I wrote back in 2003 specifically for the independent musicians and songwriters that dropped by my songwriting resource, The Muse's Muse. Here's a completely revamped version specifically for voice actors that I hope will help you all out. Before I began doing voice overs full time, I More