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J. Michael Collins is a talented and hugely successful voice actor – but he’s also an outstanding coach and demo producer.   I first participated in a workshop of his this past June in Vegas and I was struck by how well the practice copy was written.  Humor can be a tricky thing to write More

I really enjoy bringing my clients’ visions to life.  The beautiful cinematography in this commercial was nicely offset by Schlage’s super classy door hardware.  They’re a leading manufacturer of door hardware solutions – and you can certainly see why here! (And I love that it’s the mother of the family doing the installation. ;)  ) More

I hope you have a wonderful Holiday filled with all the warmth and magic of the Season. I do love to sing holiday songs – and this is one of my favorites. :) I hope you enjoy! And if you do, feel free to download and keep it as a gift from me to you More

  I LOVE Stein Mart.  I’ve been a fan since I started visiting my friend Mary in Huntsville, Alabama every year around the beginning of January, over 15 years ago.  We always make a pilgrimage to the Stein Mart there – and I pretty much always come away with some fantastic finds.  So what an More

Doing voice overs for furniture stores is a really enjoyable aspect of my business.  I love furniture.  And I love the owners’ enthusiasm for their product!  This particular set of commercials (this is only one of them), truly demonstrates that love since you get to see the owner discussing his business personally.  I have to More

The folks at El Dorado Spa Resorts & Hotels were after a high end, luxury type of feel for their voice.  With a touch of playfulness.  The recording session was fairly early in the morning at a downtown studio and I remember laughing really hard at their antics on the other end of the ISDN More

I love voicing anthems.  This is definitely one of those.  I went to a downtown Toronto studio for this one and really enjoyed working with the folks there.  I remember thinking how fantastic the cinematography on this spot was – and I still think it’s wonderfully done. These guys really know what they’re doing More

The production company behind these commercials does such wonderful work that it’s always a pleasure to voice something for them.  I’ve been working with them on the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital spots for some time now and I love everything they produce.  Here’s just one (outstanding) example More

I did multiple videos for Elkay in this series called “30 Seconds of Ingenuity”.  Each spot demonstrated just how deeply this sink manufacturer thinks about how to make their products innovative and easy to install.  The videos live on the Ekay site to help their clients get the most out of the products they buy More

Ok – so who wouldn’t want to voice a spot for prune juice? :)   So much fun to do and this Sunsweet TV commercial aired on PBS.  I was asked for that “mom-next-door” kind of sound.  I think it turned out quite nicely More

Voice overs for casinos are always so filled with wonder and excitement.  I have a lot of fun doing them.  This voice over was no exception and I love how it turned out More

This spot is a bit longer than your typical commercial.  It’s also incredibly moving.  The cinematography and concept are top notch and watching this always brings me really close to tears.   In the end, that’s why I do what I do.  To move someone.  The production company did their part.  I certainly do my More