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I love what I do – but there are some projects I’m just so super proud to be involved in – and this is one of those.  The story is compelling and the contrast in cultures is fascinating to see.  But it’s also about two young girls who were adopted into loving families in different More

Warm and sincere performances are something of a specialty – and that’s just what the people at Hawaii USA Federal Credit Union were after.  In fact, a campaign I voiced for them (“Life Matters”), won a Silver Pele award.  It was a beautiful campaign (really well-conceived and written!) and the award was well-deserved More

This was a National US spot where I got to use my “mom” voice (a kind of tone I’m asked to use a lot).  When I was sent the audition, the client was asking for: “Female, early 30’s to early 40’s. Should be an actress or performer with range, not a slick announcer. Positive and More

This is only one of the many infomercials I’ve done for Bissell over the years.  It’s a thrill to be involved with such a household name in vacuum cleaning solutions and my sessions with them are always a lot of fun.  This is definitely more in my bubbly, higher register type of voice – because More

Anthems are a lot of fun to do.  This commercial was for the Life Brand at Shoppers Drug Mart, a Canadian drug store chain similar to CVS or Walgreens in the States.  I love how whimsical this turned out.  Thanks to the folks at CORUS in Toronto for their beautiful work More

These spots were a pleasure to do.  Details really do matter.  Jenn-Air wanted a “luxury” read and their appliances certainly lent themselves well to that kind of sound.  After recording these and seeing how they turned out?  I so wanted to buy some of their appliances.  They look incredibly handy and well thought-out More

I would categorize the spots I do for Unisom as “sympathetic” and “hopeful”.  There’s a problem, of course.  It’s hard to turn our brains off after a long, complex day (there’s the sympathy).  So when I’m talking about solving that problem, hopeful is what’s needed. I recall traveling through Columbus Ohio and hearing this spot More

I get asked to be the “voice of reason” beside the wacky goings on around me, a LOT.  This commercial? It was really hard to keep a straight face.  The voice actor that did the voice of the oven was brilliant.  And apparently, he’d given the audio engineer something like an hour or more of More

Looking for Voices? Trying to break into Voiceovers yourself? Want some tips on how to hire the right voice for your project? These articles will help…   So You Want To Be A Voice Over? Sarah Sealey, a British VO, has put together a brilliant essay about what it takes, in her own cheeky style More

Dan Hurst’s Voiceover e-Book – Dan’s put together a bunch of information for those thinking of getting into voice overs.  It’s a great resource and if you’re thinking about this as a sustainable career, it’s worth a (detailed) study.  You’re welcome. ;) More

– A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing a Voice Talent, And What Happens Next The right voice can really make your project shine.  But how do you find that voice?  And what happens when you do? First things first Don’t let the process intimidate you.  If you’ve hired voices before, you probably know what to expect.  More

Who Wants To Be A Voice Talent? – J. Christopher Dunn is a very talented voice over artist who gets asked what it takes to be a voice talent on a regular basis (I think any of us that have been in the business a bit have been asked the same). Here’s a pretty detailed analysis More