Marketing agencies:
Are you ready to help your clients stand out in their marketing and get a leg-up in their industry? 

If you're a marketing agency, ad agency, or video production company, it's important to know that the voice you use for your marketing campaigns can either make your client sound world class, or have potential customers or clients tuning them out. 

And there's nothing worse these days than being ignored. A well-thought-out sound will make it impossible for that to happen! 

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Why is an Audio Branding Strategy Important? 

The sounds used in advertising, make us automatically familiar with a brand (like McDonalds’ “I’m Lovin’ It” (ba da ba ba ba!), the sound of the Taco Bell bell, the Intel sound logo, or the trill of the NBC logo). 

We even recognize that an animated cartoon is The Peanuts (or a parody of it) by the trombone sound that happens when the adults speak.

Our audio landscape is definitely changing. It’s becoming more and more important for brands to have a recognizable sound, especially with the rise of Alexa, Google Home, and similar products.

Now more than ever, you want to rise above the noise.

My 5 Tips for Implementing an Intentional Brand Strategy download will help you do just that! 

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