The most familiar form of audio branding is music, and there's a very good reason for that. Music is perhaps the oldest form of communication we have: we've been creating and playing instruments for much longer than we've had a written language, and we've been singing since before we knew any words to sing. Sound and music are a vital part of our existence, and music moves us in ways that no other medium can match. These episodes explore the power of music to bring us together, stir our deepest emotions, and connect with our audience in a profoundly meaningful way.

Music: Striking the Right Chord

We speak with a multitude of guests, ranging from musicians and composers to software developers and marketing experts, about the invaluable role music plays in creating and promoting a brand, and the latest developments in sonic branding. From licensed music trends to the return of the old-fashioned commercial jingle, from crafting the perfect cinematic soundtrack to the use of machine learning to create uncanny new forms of music, we examine every aspect of musical branding and discuss how it can help us promote a brand and forge a deeper, more lasting relationship with our audience.

Vocals: Teaching the World to Sing

These podcasts also feature a number of singers, songwriters, and other vocal talents who offer their insights into the more practical side of singing and creating music. Composer Richard Strauss once called the human voice the most beautiful instrument, but the most difficult to play; each interview focuses on such wide-ranging topics as musical trends and genres, the value of both harmony and dissonance in a song, and the surprising benefits singing can have for the brain and body.

For a long time, audio branding and musical branding meant almost the same thing, and while the definition of audio branding has expanded over the years, music still plays an invaluable role when it comes to marketing with sound. These episodes offer a deeper look at that role, and at how music can help you bring your brand's message to life so you can share it with the rest of the world.

Sines and Sounds: An Interview with Nicolae Bogdan Bratis – Part 2

“What’s great about podcasting is there’s that intimacy there. It’s just audio. It’s really fun when I listen to a podcast or I edit a podcast and I don’t know what the guest looks like, I don’t know anything about a guest, and I’m trying to imagine what type of personality that guest has. And […]

Sines and Sounds: An Interview with Nicolae Bogdan Bratis – Part 1

“First things first, to get a podcast to sound good is not hard. Many people think that it’s so hard to make it sound great: it’s not. The first thing they have to remember is that, if you have a good recording, I would say that you don’t even need an editor to get it […]

“People don’t forget that stuff. They remember people that blow their minds. They won’t necessarily remember the music, people won’t remember the thing that you did, but they’ll remember the way that you made them feel, whether that’s by your actions or by the actual emotion that you’ve imparted to them via your music, or […]

“One of my Berklee professors, one of my favorite things that has stayed with me from my time there, said ‘you know, Nick, a bad day playing music is still better than a good day doing just about anything else.'” — Nick Morrison   This episode’s guest is an Amazon #1 bestselling author and a professional […]

“Tap into who your consumer is, really know. And I don’t mean like ‘males 25-34 years old who live in cities.’ No, it’s like ‘what’s important to this person, where do they spend their time,’ you know, those kinds of things, really thinking about who that person is and then what your company’s role, what […]

Musical Branding: An Interview with Sam Parvin – Part 1

“The way that advertising agencies, for example, are structured now is still based on the Mad Men era where only billboards and print existed. So we have an art director and a copywriter on every project, but we don’t have a sound person, we don’t have a sound director. And so much of the way […]