The most familiar form of audio branding is music, and there's a very good reason for that. Music is perhaps the oldest form of communication we have: we've been creating and playing instruments for much longer than we've had a written language, and we've been singing since before we knew any words to sing. Sound and music are a vital part of our existence, and music moves us in ways that no other medium can match. These episodes explore the power of music to bring us together, stir our deepest emotions, and connect with our audience in a profoundly meaningful way.

Music: Striking the Right Chord

We speak with a multitude of guests, ranging from musicians and composers to software developers and marketing experts, about the invaluable role music plays in creating and promoting a brand, and the latest developments in sonic branding. From licensed music trends to the return of the old-fashioned commercial jingle, from crafting the perfect cinematic soundtrack to the use of machine learning to create uncanny new forms of music, we examine every aspect of musical branding and discuss how it can help us promote a brand and forge a deeper, more lasting relationship with our audience.

Vocals: Teaching the World to Sing

These podcasts also feature a number of singers, songwriters, and other vocal talents who offer their insights into the more practical side of singing and creating music. Composer Richard Strauss once called the human voice the most beautiful instrument, but the most difficult to play; each interview focuses on such wide-ranging topics as musical trends and genres, the value of both harmony and dissonance in a song, and the surprising benefits singing can have for the brain and body.

For a long time, audio branding and musical branding meant almost the same thing, and while the definition of audio branding has expanded over the years, music still plays an invaluable role when it comes to marketing with sound. These episodes offer a deeper look at that role, and at how music can help you bring your brand's message to life so you can share it with the rest of the world.

The Power of Healing Through Music: A Conversation with Jonathan Taylor – Part 2 “The piano is the same way. The piano has a hammer that goes like that on the string. The harpsichord has a pintrip that is plucked, all right? What do you do on the guitar? You actually pluck the string or […]

The Musical Journey of Guitarist Jonathan Taylor:  A Conversation with Jonathan – Taylor Part 1   “And so the concert comes, and, about the ending piece of the concert. I didn’t know who I was. All that vanity and ego, ‘I’m a classical musician,’ all of that stuff, those labels go right out the window. […]

Insights for Succeeding in Today’s Music Industry – A Conversation with Carl Bahner “The way to get your rates up is to make them realize that you’re like the supply, and demand works in your favor if the supply is one, right? If you’re the only person doing this thing, not the only person mixing, […]

  Turning Passion into Profit in the Music Industry: A Conversation with Carl Bahner – Part 1 “It was when I started figuring out, without knowing what it was called, because I also didn’t have any marketers in my life growing up. But when I was finding gigs for myself when I was the freelancer, […]

The Sound of Shopping: How Music Influences Our Spending Habits

The Sound of Shopping: How Music Influences Our Spending Habits When you think about shopping, what sound comes to mind? It might be the carts rolling up and down the aisles, or maybe the beeps of the scanners when you’re standing in the check-out line. Music might not be the first thing that crosses our […]

Collaboration, Technology & Music Production: A Conversation with Jeff Bohnhoff “If you take the, you know, Foley work and the soundtrack out of a movie and just show, you know, the film with just the dialogue, even a great movie, it just, it completely falls emotionally flat, right? It just it’s, you know, if George […]