Voiceovers & Public Speaking

Most of us aren't naturals when it comes to public speaking: it's a skill that takes practice, and a nudge in the right direction is always helpful. When it comes to audio branding, no other sound can compare with the power of the human voice to reach out to and create an emotional bond with our listening audience. These podcasts feature interviews with a number of professional voice coaches, directors, and producers who offer their insights on the voice industry and practical advice on everything from breathing exercises and vocal training to finding and effectively using your own voice.

Voiceovers: Speaking from Experience

There’s a lot to discover when it comes to voiceover, something I've learned firsthand throughout my journey as a voice artist. These episodes offer a glimpse behind the scenes of the voiceover industry, featuring interviews with voice coaches and casting directors that focus on everything from the changes the pandemic’s brought to the industry to the expanding role of voiceover in our everyday lives.

Public Speaking: Finding Your Voice

We also talk about public speaking, how important it can be for just about any business, and suggestions on how to become a more effective speaker. Public speaking isn’t something most of us like to think about: studies have shown that glossophobia, fear of public speaking, affects three out of four people on some level. These episodes provide a wealth of practical advice from professional speakers and voice coaches to help you overcome that natural fear, from lowering stress and learning your voice’s natural pitch to the value of storytelling and tips on projecting your voice.

Voiceover and public speaking form two of the pillars of audio branding, whether through traditional commercials and narration, or audio-first apps and interfaces, or just speaking effectively and delivering your message to consumers. The podcasts here offer a closer look at the voice industry and the art of public speaking and offer guidance on creating just the right voice for your brand.

A Sound Connection: An Interview with Dan Friedman – Part 2

“It bothers me so much to see companies out there that are taking advantage of people or, you know, preying on their hopes and dreams. I mean, I have never, ever told anybody that this was easy, as being a voice actor, and I never told them that it was fast. I’ve always said that […]

A Sound Connection: An Interview with Dan Friedman – Part 1

“But we do have to remember that when we are communicating, when words are coming out of our mouths and reaching somebody’s ears, that’s a connection, that’s a strong connection, and if we are not really believing in the things that we are saying, or feeling the things that we are saying, or able to […]

Listen and Breathe: An Interview With John Watkis – Part 2

“Your breathing is the key to calming yourself down because you can lower your heart rate and calm yourself by the proper breathing techniques. And so we call this diaphragmatic breathing, and anyone in theater arts and anyone who sings will do this type of breathing. It’s also used in yoga and mindfulness, where you […]

Listen and Breathe: An Interview With John Watkis – Part 1

“And we see it, we automatically know and can even tell when someone is reading something that is written. We’re like, ‘ah, they’re reading.’ And it’s usually not their fault: it’s that they’re reading something that was written to be read by the eye, not for sound.” — John Watkis This episode’s guest knows a […]

Interview with Jim Kennelly & Sam Ufret from Lotas Productions in NYC – Part 2

This is the second part of my interview with Jim Kennelly and Sam Ufret. In the first part, we discuss their business, Lotas Productions and how both Jim and Sam got into this industry. In this second part, we dive more into the industry of voice overs itself and where we see this industry going […]

Interview with Jim Kennelly & Sam Ufret from Lotas Productions in NYC – Part 1

  I’m really excited to be speaking with these two guests – Jim Kennelly and Sam Ufret. Jim is one of the powerhouses behind Lotas Productions and has spent his career looking for the perfect voice for each project he’s been a part of. Sam is in the thick of everything over at Lotas. She […]