Jodi Krangle Voice Actor Brainwave-Entrainment-Expert,-Morry-Zelcovitch-part-2

Interview with Brainwave Entrainment Expert, Morry Zelcovitch – Part 2

In the second part of my interview with Morry Zelcovitch, we got a bit more philosophical.  His work and research has led him to some very insightful observations about how he now deals with things in a healthier (brain chemistry-wise) manner – and how he might be able to help others do the same. So […]

Jodi Krangle Voice Actor Brainwave-Entrainment-Expert,-Morry-Zelcovitch-part-1

Interview with Brainwave Entrainment Expert, Morry Zelcovitch – Part 1

Morry Zelcovitch has had a lot of challenges in his life including depression and addiction. In his search for something to help him with his difficulties, he came across something called “binauaral beats” and that led him into the brainwave entrainment field (a term he coined himself).  Essentially, he’s programming his brain to operate in […]

Steve Dotto’s Grey Matters Podcast

If you’re a master of productivity tools, then either you have no need for this podcast, or you’ve already heard about it.  Steve Dotto is known for his extensive technology knowledge and the ease with which he explains the current technology climate to all sorts of different segments of the population.  But the particular segment […]