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Sines and Sounds: An Interview with Nicolae Bogdan Bratis – Part 2

“What’s great about podcasting is there’s that intimacy there. It’s just audio. It’s really fun when I listen to a podcast or I edit a podcast and I don’t know what the guest looks like, I don’t know anything about a guest, and I’m trying to imagine what type of personality that guest has. And […]

Sines and Sounds: An Interview with Nicolae Bogdan Bratis – Part 1

“First things first, to get a podcast to sound good is not hard. Many people think that it’s so hard to make it sound great: it’s not. The first thing they have to remember is that, if you have a good recording, I would say that you don’t even need an editor to get it […]

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Interview with Producer, Randall Libero – Part 2

“Producers are people who are interested in developing and creating new ideas that expand human awareness and human consciousness.” Randall Libero This week is part two of my interview with online media authority Randall Libero. He’s an executive producer of Voice America as well as co-producer of the new dramatic podcast “Marilyn: Behind the Icon.,” […]

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Interview with Producer, Randall Libero – Part 1

“All throughout this, in the background, it’s been, for me, a study about the effect of media on human consciousness.” Randall Libero When it comes to creating a brand and being known as an authority in your field, podcasting truly is the new frontier. This week’s guest is on the forefront of that frontier, particularly […]

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Interview with Podcast Producer & Storyteller, Elaine Appleton Grant- Part 1

Elaine Appleton Grant is a writer, podcast producer, and public speaker. She co-founded Podcast Allies, LLC- a podcast consultancy and production studio out of Colorado. She has hosted programs in both Boston and Colorado on WBUR in Boston and Colorado Public Radio and appeared on National Public Radio. She currently produces two podcasts- Business Wars Daily […]

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Interview with Brand & Marketing Motivator, Corey Dissin – Part 1

Corey Dissin was only 19 when he first got into the world of audio and sound. He started answering phones as a volunteer with Paul Turner Productions (now Propulsion Media Labs). His volunteering later morphed into an internship, at which point he met Paul. The two formed a friendship, and later Paul began allowing Corey […]