Jodi Krangle Voice Actor SOVAS Award1

Winner of the 2018 SOVAS Award for Outstanding Narration Demo

On November 18th of this year, the 5th annual Society of Voice Arts & Sciences held their awards ceremony at Warner Bros. Studio in L.A.  My TV (In Show) Narration Demo was nominated for an award (along with several other very talented nominees) when it was sent in by my demo producer, J. Michael Collins.  […]

Voice Overs for Dayton Children’s Nurses

This spot is a bit longer than your typical commercial.  It’s also incredibly moving.  The cinematography and concept are top notch and watching this always brings me really close to tears.   In the end, that’s why I do what I do.  To move someone.  The production company did their part.  I certainly do my […]

Invisible Red Thread Documentary Narration

I love what I do – but there are some projects I’m just so super proud to be involved in – and this is one of those.  The story is compelling and the contrast in cultures is fascinating to see.  But it’s also about two young girls who were adopted into loving families in different […]