Narration For Jenn-Air Kitchen Appliances

These spots were a pleasure to do.  Details really do matter.  Jenn-Air wanted a “luxury” read and their appliances certainly lent themselves well to that kind of sound.  After recording these and seeing how they turned out?  I so wanted to buy some of their appliances.  They look incredibly handy and well thought-out!

Voice Over for Unisom Sleep Tabs

I would categorize the spots I do for Unisom as “sympathetic” and “hopeful”.  There’s a problem, of course.  It’s hard to turn our brains off after a long, complex day (there’s the sympathy).  So when I’m talking about solving that problem, hopeful is what’s needed. I recall traveling through Columbus Ohio and hearing this spot […]

Goo Gone Voice Over

I get asked to be the “voice of reason” beside the wacky goings on around me, a LOT.  This commercial? It was really hard to keep a straight face.  The voice actor that did the voice of the oven was brilliant.  And apparently, he’d given the audio engineer something like an hour or more of […]