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Time For A Transition

Those of you who have been following this blog and accompanying podcast, have seen the direction I’ve been going with this. I know a lot of us are Creatives.  A lot of us need help understanding how not to beat ourselves up in our own heads. And helping people with that (in a distinctly NOT […]

My Interview With Clara Lehmann & Jonathan Lacocque of Coat Of Arms Post

It was a true pleasure to talk with Clara and Jonathan about their creative process, how they work together as a creative couple and find time to figure out their work / life balance. I’ve spoken about Lullaby Theories in a previous podcast but they’re also working on other projects such as Born In A […]

Curiouser and Curiouser

How do you experience the world?  Do you forget what it was like to experience new things?  To actually NOT know something?  To want to discover more about this thing you know nothing (or very little) about? When I was a kid, the Internet didn’t exist.  At least, not the way it is now. I […]

My Interview with Artist & D&D Enthusiast, Joe Nittoly

I had the pleasure of talking with my friend Joe Nittoly about his art, his enthusiasm for D&D (and how the two merge), along with how he overcomes those nasty critical inner voices many of us Creatives deal with. I think lots of people will relate to this very frank discussion. If you’d like to […]

My Interview with Creative Coach, Christine McAlister

Christine McAlister (, is an entrepreneur, business coach and the author of The Income Replacement Formula: 7 Simple Steps To Doing What You Love And Making Six Figures From Anywhere (you can read a free chapter of her book at We had a wonderfully fun interview about how Creatives can get out of a […]

How To Calm Your Mind in a Mad World

The mind is a powerful thing. What we tell ourselves about ourselves has the power to help or harm us. Starting your day with some affirmations and soothing music, may well mean the difference between a positive or negative outcome. There are a lot of ways to train your mind to be kinder.  To those […]