Improvising Shakespeare

Who let me in here? How did I get where I am?  Why do I deserve this?  What if I … (fill in the blank – forget my lines, play a wrong note, say something stupid in a meeting … You get the idea.) We all have these thoughts.  We all wonder how we got […]

It’s Not About Being Perfect

In business and in life, no one – and I mean NO ONE (no matter how much you seem to think they have it all together) has everything perfect. Looks can be (and ARE) deceiving.  The only constant in life is that we WILL fall down.  We WILL fail.  A lot.  So … do you […]

The Growth Now Movement

Justin Schenck is an entrepreneur and public speaker who hosts a podcast called the Growth Now Movement.  By now, you’re probably starting to see a theme in my blog posts – one of self discovery and yes, growth – in both your business and personal life.  Listening to this podcast is only one of the […]

Find Your Ideal Freelance Life With A Free Audiobook

As a voice actor who also wants to do things like … Oh … I don’t know … have a roof over my head, be able to eat a meal or two a day and occasionally take a vacation, I’ve had to learn something about translating a creative career into a business.  While I’ve been […]

“Your Whole Life Is A Creative Activity”

I adore and admire Marie Forleo. She is the epitome of personal branding, yes.  But she’s living authentically – without apology.  And she brings a lot of wonderful things to the world.  I love that.  She interviews people who do similar things too – those who pioneer new ways of thinking and doing.  I regularly […]