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Exposing Marketing Misconceptions: An interview with Austin Franke – Part 2

*Please be advised – there is some strong language at the end of this episode.* “Since our brains are wired for community almost above everything else, social media can be a replacement for in-person community. And social media, if communities are built and authentic value is being brought to the table and all of that, […]

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Exposing Marketing Misconceptions: An interview with Austin Franke – Part 1

“We are loyal and loyalty is very common in business, but it’s what he calls ‘polygamously loyal.’ And essentially what that means is exactly what it sounds like: we’re loyal to a handful of brands.” Austin Franke This week’s guest is the founder and behavioral strategist at Woo Punch, a brand communications consultancy. As a […]

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Interview with Public Speaker, Educator & Author, Robert Kennedy III – Part 1

On this episode of the podcast, I am joined by the Co-Founder and President of Speak Write Now Communications. He is a serial entrepreneur and started his first business in 2001, an online music promotion portal with an internet radio station.  He is an award-winning public speaker, corporate trainer and author.  His books include 28 […]

Interview With Technologist and Teacher, Chip Edwards – Part 2

Here’s the second part of my interview with technologist and teacher, Chip Edwards. In it, we discussed the shift made when moving from a visual interface to voice technology and how that affects a brand’s capability to connect with its audience as well as the user experience. We also talked about:  What an invocation name […]

Interview With Technologist and Teacher, Chip Edwards – Part 1

Chip Edwards is a speaker, entrepreneur, teacher, technologist, and the Chief Voice Officer of Create My Voice. Chip helps individuals and brands engage their audiences through voice technology, utilizing smart speakers like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. His company not only helps people strategize how they want to utilize voice apps but also builds those […]

Interview With Marketing Upheaval Expert, Rudy Fernandez – Part 1

Rudy Fernandez is the founder of Creative Outhouse, a creative marketing agency that specializes in launching brands, and is the host of the Marketing Upheaval podcast. His knowledge of and experience in the science of behavior change helps his clients communicate their deeper purpose, win more fans, and strengthen their brands. Though some clients have […]