How Can Audio Branding Help Your Podcast or Company? (Why Should You Care?)

How Can Audio Branding Help Your Podcast or Company? According to Harvard Business Review [4], Audio Branding is “the strategic use of sound … in positively differentiating a product or service, enhancing recall, creating preference, building trust, and even increasing sales.” So ultimately, think of it as a brand or podcast’s emotional short hand – […]

Jodi Krangle Voice Actor Brand-&-Marketing-Motivator,-Corey-Dissin-part-1

Interview with Brand & Marketing Motivator, Corey Dissin – Part 1

Corey Dissin was only 19 when he first got into the world of audio and sound. He started answering phones as a volunteer with Paul Turner Productions (now Propulsion Media Labs). His volunteering later morphed into an internship, at which point he met Paul. The two formed a friendship, and later Paul began allowing Corey […]

Jodi Krangle Voice Actor Audio-Alchemist-Steve-Keller-part-2

Interview with Audio Alchemist, Steve Keller – Part 2

Here’s the second part of my fascinating interview with Steve Keller. In it, we dove into how brands can harness the power of archetypes as well as what Steve calls the three pillars of return on sonic investment. We also discussed: Music’s impact on our perception of meaning How music soundscapes and noise affect the […]

Jodi Krangle Voice Actor Audio-Alchemist-Steve-Keller-part-1

Interview with Audio Alchemist, Steve Keller – Part 1

For Steve Keller, audio branding seamlessly blends together the three overarching passions in his life: music, psychology, and marketing. Steve had a passion for music from a young age but never considered it as a career. He became fascinated with and obtained his college degree in psychology. During what some may consider a “gap year” […]

Jodi Krangle Voice Actor Storyteller,-Dave-Bricker-part-2

Interview With Storyteller, Dave Bricker – Part 2

Here’s the second part of my interview with storyteller Dave Bricker. We talked about the four elements of a story, the difference between anecdotes and stories, and how to add value to people’s lives through storytelling. In our conversation, we also covered: Whether people are hardwired to want to hear depressing stories or happy stories […]

Jodi Krangle Voice Actor Storyteller,-Dave-Bricker-part-1

Interview With Storyteller, Dave Bricker – Part 1

Dave Bricker discovered his love for “StorySailing” while spending 15 years living aboard sailboats. In 1983, after his first year of college, David got a job working with the Christo Surrounded Islands project. During that time, he realized something was missing in his life. After finishing college, he headed off to the Bahamas to begin […]