Podcasting is probably the most familiar, and certainly the most wildly successful, form of new media out there, and it's a medium that relies entirely on audio. The number of monthly podcast listeners last year increased to almost four hundred million around the world, while the number of podcasts rose last year to over eight hundred and fifty thousand. More people are turning to podcasts than ever before, and that number's only going to keep growing. In these episodes, we look at the ins and outs of podcasting itself and how it can help you connect with your audience and build your brand.

More than half of all American households listened to podcasts last year, and, for the first time ever, podcasting ad revenue topped one billion dollars. There’s a huge market out there when it comes to promoting your brand, but first impressions count: a quarter of listeners report that they’ll move on after just five minutes if a new podcast doesn’t grab their interest, and there’s plenty of podcasting competition for them to choose from.

These episodes feature podcasting discussions and interviews with a variety of expert guests as we talk about everything from podcast formats and marketing opportunities to the more practical side of podcasting. Whether it’s choosing the right equipment or avoiding the more common pitfalls when starting a new show from scratch, there’s something here for newcomers, veteran podcasters, and listeners who just want to learn more about this quickly growing industry.

We also explore the future of podcasting and how, as more of us are working from home and connecting with one another through a variety of smart devices, the boundary between chatting and podcasting seems to be fading. From Zoom meetings and Clubhouse chats to Twitter Spaces and Facebook Live Audio Rooms, podcasting is spreading to more and more platforms, and becoming a bigger part of our lives.

Audio has emerged as one of the most essential elements of new media, and podcasting, in particular, has joined the mainstream, and even begun to replace traditional radio, as a way of reaching out to an audience and building your brand. Each of these episodes delves into the art and science of podcasting, in all its different forms.

How to Be a Good Podcast Host: A Conversation with Elaine Appleton Grant – Part 2

In Part two of this podcast we talk with Elaine Appleton Grant about How to be a Good Podcast Host and what Hostiness means. “And that is also something you asked before about common problems with new podcasters, and this is true of companies and organizations. They can be very large, very well-funded organizations, it […]

How to Be a Good Podcast Host: A Conversation with Elaine Appleton Grant – Part 1

What makes a good podcast host? That’s a question many of us ask!  What gives a Podcast its “hostiness” and makes you want to come back for more again and again? “There’s almost nothing about hosting and really by implication producing and that, that quality – I did not coin the term ‘hostiness,’ that comes […]

I’m back this week with Part 2 of Podcast Marketing 2023 and Mike Kadin “I remember the electricity of being and speaking in front of fifty thousand people or something like that which I’ve done in one of those rooms, and just seeing the little icons of everyone who’s there, and the numbers are amazing […]

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve had your own podcast for a while, this week’s episode delves into all things Podcast Marketing 2023. “A lot of folks start businesses and they just kind of look at what’s hot right now, like, ‘we’re going to start like a bitcoin’ or ‘we’re going to start a […]

The Magic Moment: A Conversation with Joe Pardavila – Part 2

“Do you know what I think makes a compelling podcast? It’s a podcast that doesn’t sound like a podcast. And I know that’s a really goofy answer, but if it sounds like two people talking or three people talking and they’re having this conversation, that there’s a genuine back and forth of information, that’s what […]

The Magic Moment: A Conversation with Joe Pardavila – Part 1

“You have to create this environment that the person’s comfortable in, that’s a big part of it. And I don’t actually like to use the word interview, especially when I coach people or advise people who are starting podcasts. You don’t ever want to use the word ‘interview’ because interview implies question answer, question answer, […]