Voice Over And Vocal Resources

Looking for Voices? Trying to break into Voiceovers yourself? Want some tips on how to hire the right voice for your project? These articles will help… So You Want To Be A Voice Over? Sarah Sealey, a British VO, has put together a brilliant essay about what it takes, in her own cheeky style. It’s […]

Dan Hurst’s Voiceover e-Book

Dan Hurst’s Voiceover e-Book – Dan’s put together a bunch of information for those thinking of getting into voice overs.  It’s a great resource and if you’re thinking about this as a sustainable career, it’s worth a (detailed) study.  You’re welcome. 😉

The Icing On Your Cake

– A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing a Voice Talent, And What Happens Next The right voice can really make your project shine.  But how do you find that voice?  And what happens when you do? First things first Don’t let the process intimidate you.  If you’ve hired voices before, you probably know what to expect.  […]

Who Wants to Be a Voice Talent?

Who Wants To Be A Voice Talent? – J. Christopher Dunn is a very talented voice over artist who gets asked what it takes to be a voice talent on a regular basis (I think any of us that have been in the business a bit have been asked the same). Here’s a pretty detailed analysis […]

Voice Coaches

Voice Coaches – They provide one-on-one and all-inclusive programs that provide specialized voice evaluation, industry preparation, network quality demo development, and effective self-marketing training coupled with personalized, long-term support. There’s lots of information on their website. If you’re looking to give yourself that extra edge a voice talent, check them out.

Internet Voice Coaching

Internet Voice Coach is a new service for voice actors that gives tips and advice about various aspects of the industry. They also provide podcasts, personal feedback, downloads of helpful stuff for your business and your practice, they can work with you on auditions, there’s a forum, and a lot more. Whether you’re just starting out […]