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Interview with Podcast Producer & Storyteller, Elaine Appleton Grant- Part 2

This week, we are diving back into part 2 of my interview with Elaine Appleton Grant. Last week, we discussed a lot of the ins and outs of starting and doing a podcast. This week we dive into a bit deeper how COVID is affecting the business of podcasting and how to tap into your […]

Interview With Vocal Coach, Judy Rodman – Part 2

Here’s the second part of my interview with vocal coach, Judy Rodman.  We talked about how Judy helps her students gain access to their full array of vocal possibilities and the importance of determining intention when approaching a vocal piece. We also discussed:  How people often have breathing problems they don’t even know about Understanding […]

Jodi Krangle Voice Actor Vocal-Coach,-Judy-Rodman

Interview With Vocal Coach, Judy Rodman – Part 1

Judy Rodman has spent over 50 years in the music industry. She’s been a top session singer, recording artist, stage and TV performer, songwriter, studio producer, public speaker, and coach. Judy teaches singers and speakers globally both from her office and online. She’s a published author, hosts the podcast All Things Vocal, and is currently […]

Voice Over And Vocal Resources

Looking for Voices? Trying to break into Voiceovers yourself? Want some tips on how to hire the right voice for your project? These articles will help… So You Want To Be A Voice Over? Sarah Sealey, a British VO, has put together a brilliant essay about what it takes, in her own cheeky style. It’s […]

Instant Background Music

Putting together a demo and need background music? Producing a film, podcast, school project, commercial, corporate video or anything like that? Instant Background Music is a great place to try. This could be the cheapest way to get some really great music. They sell a package of 97 songs for only $97 dollars! That’s a pretty sweet […]

Vocal Booths

VocalBoothToGo is a great website to check out if you’re looking for vocal booths you can take on the road with you. Once you’re in the thick of things, you’re really going to need some kind of a travel rig.  I happen to own one of these and really love it.  For more information on how […]