Audio Branding

Audio branding is one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of advertising and marketing, but it's also one of the most important. Sound plays a vital role in shaping our lives: our brains are conditioned to respond to sound and music on a subconscious level. These podcasts explore how audio branding uses that innate connection for advertising and marketing, and the opportunities it creates to forge a more lasting, personal connection with your audience.

Audio Advertising: Beyond the Jingle

Sound has been a part of advertising for as long as advertising itself has existed, from street slogans in Victorian England that are recited today as nursery rhymes to television jingles that many of us still know by heart. But audio branding has undergone a revolution over the past few years, evolving from straightforward pitches into musical logos and subtle soundscapes that guide the listener’s impressions while reinforcing a brand’s identity.

The advertising industry in particular has been transformed by social media, and the enormous new audience and global reach it represents. From viral videos and licensed music to streaming shows and smart devices, we take a look at how online life has opened up entirely new directions when it comes to audio advertising and branding.

Audio Marketing: A Sound Strategy

Branding isn’t just about advertising, though. Audio branding encompasses the listener’s whole experience with a brand from start to finish, with points of contact that range from traditional advertising and social media to apps and IVR sounds. Throughout these episodes, we talk about how every touchpoint, no matter how short or seemingly minor, is an opportunity to instill a sense of consistency and brand recognition, and how to make the most of them.

Advertising and marketing have come a long way over the past century, from storefronts and brand logos to radio jingles and television ads. As we move forward into the twenty-first century, digital media and audio-first industries like Spotify and Clubhouse are making audio advertising and marketing strategies more relevant than ever before. New approaches are constantly emerging, and these podcasts can help explore and navigate the changing landscape of audio branding.

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Interview with Editor & Producer, Carrie Caulfield Arick – Part 1

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