Your Voice Is A Powerful Tool

In my quest to always be learning more about my own business – and other businesses in general, I’ve started reading a lot more non-fiction.  One of the books that was suggested to me by some very smart business people I trust, is called Never Split The Difference (Negotiating as if your life depended on […]

Creativity for Fun & Profit

Being creative can be both a blessing and a curse.  Sometimes that means “conforming” is really hard.  It often mean blazing your own trail.  And that too, can be really hard.  Traditional jobs – working 9-5 in an office – doesn’t really work for us.  Or if it does, it only does for very limited […]

Stop the Elevator Speeches – Have a Discussion

So apparently, I’ve been living under a rock.  Recently, my friend Jerad Spencer alerted me to a podcast that featured Sam Horn at Intrigue.  Now, she’s been around for a while, so my missing her rise in popularity is entirely my fault.  That said, what she teaches – and how she teaches it – definitely […]

Finding Your Niche (or not) With Andrew and Pete

These guys are so much fun that it probably wouldn’t matter what they were talking about.  I’d still love watching their informative videos. (Full disclosure, I’ve been an Atomic member in the past.)  As it happens though, they tend to pick really timely and interesting business-related topics – mostly having to do with creating content, […]

Advertising At Cannes? You Bet!

Catching the attention of an increasingly distracted audience, is … well… really hard.  We’re being inundated with advertising from all sides.  Interspersing them in online videos, the obvious television and radio commercials, and of course, product placement in our movies and television shows, are all methods that have been done in the past.  They continue […]

Find Your Ideal Freelance Life With A Free Audiobook

As a voice actor who also wants to do things like … Oh … I don’t know … have a roof over my head, be able to eat a meal or two a day and occasionally take a vacation, I’ve had to learn something about translating a creative career into a business.  While I’ve been […]